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Welcome to our Reels Program! Our team specializes in professional video production, crafting vertical videos specifically designed for Instagram Reels. With a keen understanding of the platform, we ensure that your content shines with trending or popular music and eye-catching clips designed to showcase your business or brand in the best light. At CRE818, we're committed to helping you drive brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and showcase your products or services effectively. 

INCLUDES 1 video shoot

output: 6 x 10 - 20 second vertical videos


Schedule a call today to unlock the power of captivating vertical videos tailored to your unique style and goals. Take the first step towards digital success - schedule your call now and let's create impactful Reels together!

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no. 2 : Photoshoot

Capture the essence of your business with our professional on-site or in-studio photoshoots. Our talented photographers specialize in bringing your food, product, or service to life in stunning visuals. Whether you prefer the authenticity of on-site shoots that showcase your offerings in action or the versatility of our in-studio setup where we can create customized scenes tailored to your needs, we've got you covered.

INCLUDES 1 photo shoot ( up to 2 hours )

output: 25 edited photos in 2 formats

(full res + instagram optimized)


Each project and photoshoot is tailored to your business goals. Schedule a call so we can talk about how we can help you and let your visuals speak volumes about your business.

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Ignite a personal connection with your customers through our Owner Introduction videos. Let us craft a short and impactful video that highlights your story, purpose, and business. Ideal for websites, landing pages, and social media, our videos educate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

INCLUDES : multi camera video shoot + B ROLL FOOTAGE + PROFESSIONAL AUDIO + up to 2 video edits

output: 1 x professionally edited video in 3 formats (4k + 1080 HD + vertical story format) + one photo thumbnail


Discover the power of a personal touch—contact us today to start the conversation and create your compelling Owner Introduction video.

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