One of the most popular trends in social media right now is vertical content. This is the story style content that is widely popular on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Snapchat. While non-business users may use “Insta Stories” to express creativity and connect with family and friends, businesses typically leverage Stories to increase engagement rates, conversions, and their overall visibility on social media. Our photographers and videographers create a diverse range of content that are made to fit this “story mode” or vertical format. This content can be used to build awareness, spark engagement, promote specials, highlight upcoming events, and entertain your audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more! This is also the most genuine way to connect with your customers to promote culture and support. For best results, our team aims to make content short, sweet, and capture your audience’s attention quickly. Here a few different ways your business could be using story content on social media.

- New Product Promotion
- Contests
- Food Builds / Behind the scenes
- Reposting User Generated content
- Polls / Engaging content
- Entertaining content
- High Quality Photos
- Important messages to your customers
- Public Service Announcement
- Changes in your hours / business